RABA Group have conducted research into sector specific issues including:  

  • Profiling the catchments of our member airports and documenting their collective economic significance in light of the considerable extent of their catchment footprints across the UK. 
  • Reviewing state aid mechanisms in support of a range of UK, Parliamentary and EU consultations (which we have contributed to).  
  • Studying Public Service Obligations and Route Development Funds in some depth, including benchmarking their use across the European Economic Area. 

RABA are currently conducting a study into the Commercial and Wider Economic Impact of Regulatory Compliance Costs on Smaller UK Airports, and are also considering the following themes for future work:

  • UK airport density and its importance for equity of access to air services.
  • Airports, City and Regional Economic Growth.
  • Consumer Welfare Benefits of Investment in Regional Air Route Development. 
  • An in-depth look at the role and significance of Business and General Aviation and ‘Reliever’ Airports.

If you would be interested to find out more, and potentially support, such research please contact us.