In an article on 12 June regarding Heathrow expansion, The Sun newspaper referenced an open letter sent by air bosses including RABA Chairman, Neil Pakey. An excerpt from the letter can be found here

The Sun article read,

"Heathrow 3 'Lift for all UK'

Every part of the UK will benefit from improved air links if a third runway is built at Heathrow, bosses of 40 British airports say. 

New take-off and landing slots at an expanded airport would allow airlines to re-instate lost routes to places such as Humberside and Newquay, Cornwall. 

They would also pave the way for better air links to places such as Inverness. 

In recent years there has been a significant reduction in air connections between UK destinations according to Heathrow. Without a third strip, this situation would worsen.

In an open letter, the air bosses - including Neil Pakey, CEO of the Regional and Business Airports Group; Inglis Lyon, managing director, Inverness Airport; David Laws, CEO if Leeds Bradford Airport - said "We believe every corner of our country stands to benefit from the growth and trade from links to an expanded UK Hub airport."

The bosses pledge comes ahead of a vote in Parliament on Heathrow's £14 billion expansion, due within weeks.

John Holland-Kaye, CEO at Heathrow Airport, commented: "This level of support from those that run airports all around the country shows Heathrow expansion won't just benefit the South East. 

"It is a project that will deliver for the whole of the UK". Heathrow is investing in a £10million development fund to kick-start and ring-fence new slots for domestic use. 

The third runway is expected to open in 2026."

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