Regional Airport Group welcomes growing recognition of the Regional Dimension in UK aviation thinking.

Heathrow’s recent announcement of enhanced discounts to reduce its airport charges for UK domestic services was welcomed by the 40 airport member UK Regional and Business Airports (RABA) Group today.  

Heathrow has committed to reducing its airport charges for domestic flights by introducing discounts of up to 50% as part of the range of measures designed to make these routes more viable for airlines.  Heathrow’s CEO John Holland Kaye explained the initiative by commenting, “Every corner of our country should be able to benefit from the growth and trade that stems from links to the nation’s hub airport.”

 RABA Group Chair, Neil Pakey, welcomed the move. “Our Group has been articulating the urgent need for UK aviation policy to protect and enhance UK regional global connectivity, and is working to ensure that an expanding Heathrow delivers maximum benefit to all parts of the UK.  We are currently undertaking research into what such an enhanced domestic network might look like.  We are also urging government to create a framework, in parallel with Heathrow’s expansion, that allows slots to be allocated, reserved and protected for the social and economic benefit of all UK regions.”

Jan 3rd 2018

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