RABA Chairman warns A hard Brexit could lead to chaos with flights grounded

Neil Pakey, Chairman of the UK Regional and Business Airports Group, says it is essential the UK and EU strike a fresh 'open skies' agreement before the Brexit deadline next year otherwise carriers such as Ryanair and EasyJet could be left in limbo, Liverpool Business News reports. The former CEO of Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Pakey has warned that flights between the airport and destinations within the EU could be grounded after Britain formally leaves.

In the event of no Brexit deal then the UK would have to negotiate 27 bi-lateral agreements separately with each of the 27 EU destinations it currently has air routes with, plus a further 17 agreements replacing those between the EU and other countries, an undertaking Mr Pakey describes as a “bureaucratic nightmare”.

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Pakeys comments were echoed by Munich Airport CEO Dr Michael Kerkloh in his address to ACI Europe in Brussels on 23 January when he issued fresh warnings about the potential impact of Brexit.


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