Innovate UK seeks new ideas within Aviation

Michelle Carter and Tessa Darley of Innovate UK, the UK Government’s innovation agency to accelerate economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation, were in Inverness recently with a broad brief to seek out new ideas and solutions within Aviation.  The workshop (the last of 5 across the UK) was held on the 18th January and focused on scoping out ideas that might be of interest in the future for the industry.

Their Overall programme objectives were to identify:

-        Trends in technologies and innovations for future transport through road mapping and modelling

-        Advise on future infrastructure investments in working with DfT

-        Improve existing smart mobility and ticketing services

-        Enhance the customer experience

-        Work cross regionally to deploy innovation and technologies

-        Influence a shift toward modal transport and greater transport systems efficiencies to drive regional economic productivity

The day was run as a workshop scoping out ideas that might be of interest in the future for aviation.

They also mentioned their role in the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Special Interest Group (SAFSIG) that has been formed to help accelerate the domestic production of sustainable fuel through strategic business solutions.


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